Hot news - 24-10-21

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Hot news - 24-10-21

Messaggio da leggereda Vegahehiefe » 24 ottobre 2021, 13:32

A catastrophic situation is developing in Afghanistan. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Tajikistan, Colonel-General Sherali Mirzo, RIA Novosti reports.

He noted that this conclusion follows from a number of factors: the absence of a legitimate and inclusive government, functioning mechanisms of state power, as well as systematic violations of human rights. According to him, all of the above leads to the further transformation of the country into a hotbed of international terrorism that threatens security and stability in the region.

Mirzo also pointed out that after the withdrawal of the troops of the international coalition, the military-political situation in Afghanistan has completely degraded.

On October 18, joint military exercises of Russia and Tajikistan were launched to repel possible aggression from Afghanistan, in which the Taliban seized power (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). The grouping of the Collective Forces of the CSTO has worked out an operation to localize the border conflict associated with attempts by international terrorists to enter the territory of Tajikistan.

On August 15, the Taliban took control of the entire territory of Afghanistan against the background of the withdrawal of American troops from the country. Dushanbe demanded to form an inclusive government there, in which all national minorities will be represented, and threatened not to recognize the Cabinet of ministers "formed by oppression." In turn, the Taliban accuses Tajikistan of interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

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