Hello, everyone! 🙂 I’m known on the web as Sorakairi (Reikashi now). I’ve been playing videogames since I was 6, when I had the pleasure to play Final Fantasy VII. In the past few years I got into romhacking (by writing tools to reverse engineer compressions and encodings) as a hobby and it’s actually a really good way to improve my programming skills, since that’s what I really care the most. I hope that you will be able to enjoy at least one of our translations in the future! I really appreciate and support the effort software houses put in their works. I love Falcom games!





My name is Peppe. I’m currently studying Medicine and I plan to become a good surgeon someday. I really enjoyed the Kingdom Hearts saga, especially Birth by Sleep, and that’s why I decided to join this team. I didn’t know it was possible to perform romhacking on the 3DS, I’m glad I found it out now, even though I’m still not sure if I’ll keep translating games in the future. In any case, I’m certain that I’ll give some help sometimes. I’m looking forward to see if you will enjoy our translation of Kingdom Hearts 3D.

One of the quotes that I mostly hate is : “We’ve always done it this way.” It’s one of the things that I always have tried to avoid in my life.

Well, I guess I wrote down everything I could, so… that’s all from me, folks! See ya!



RoxasHere we go!
I’m Roberto, alias RoxasTheKey, an architecture student, technically in pause from my studies, and a gamer since 15 years or so. Only 8 years ago a game called “Kingdom Hearts” changed my way of thinking and, consequently, my life.

So the question is “Why am I here?”

That’s because a friend of mine convinced me to be here and because I wanted to give to other people a chance of playing some masterpieces, and that may also include me, that have never been translated in our language and, on the other hand, improve my english, too.
Who can tell us what to expect from the future. I hope that you’ll enjoy our work.




My name is Alessio (aka Alex90) and I love videogames, music, movies and the very expression of art at all. I’ve been “artistically educated” and I find myself comfortable with Photoshop, since I’ve been practicing and working with it for years. I try to do my best in order to help my team with the textures side of our projects. The reason why I joined Deep Dive Translations is because of our common interest in Kingdom Hearts, where I’ve been spending lots of hours editing textures, and that’s where everything started. I hope that by way of this collaboration, that will endure in time, you will be able to be satisfied of our works. Sincerely yours.




Hi! I’m Baldr36, a new member of the team.
I’m going to study History at university,
probably. I translate to improve my english (and other languages)
and for those people who don’t have time to study it.

I’m studying japanese too, and one day I’ll translate only-japanese games.
I am a huge fan of JRPGs and VNs, you can see it from my avatar
(but only few will recognize him, I guess).

In my life, I can say that… I read a lot, when I have the time.
I always put my heart in a translation project, trying specially
to be steady in progress (well, at least I try).



photo Hi there! My name is Davide and I’m known on the web as David Coq. My love for videogames started in ’80s, when I was six. At that time I got my first console: the Atari 2600. I’ve had a lot of consoles until now, but the ones I care the most are the PSX and Dreamcast. In early 2000s I got interested in romhacking, but my first attempts of translating a videogame didn’t really go well and made me drop the idea. Now, thanks to Deep Dive Translations, I’m working as a graphic editor. I’m also a Youtuber that loves editing movies, TV series and anime in a funny way. Here’s my channel: Coq’s Poop



Hello, my name is Federico, also known as Senri on the web. I’m currently studying Foreign Languages and Literatures at university. I recently joined Deep Dive Translations as a translator because I really love videogames and a lot of masterpieces are only available in English and I want them to be understandable by the Italian community. Furthermore, I think this experience will prove valuable and great for improving my English skills. I really love videogames, I was only 3 when I played for the first time Super Mario 64, and after that I fell in love with the gaming world. I hope someday to work in the industry as a translator, hoping to bring even niche genres such as Visual Novels under the spotlights. I sincerely hope you’ll like our efforts as a team and enjoy our translations!

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